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My Tran lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She has a studio at her house, doing oil painting, designing and print-making.
She had 20 years working in Administration and Human Resource. While working in another field, her passion of painting always urged her to find a way to study fine arts. She started in 1999 with Professor Nguyen Hoang Hoanh, who was an Academic Director of The National Advanced Fine Arts School of Saigon. He taught her basic drawing, figure drawing and oil painting. Later, professor John Le, who was an Academic Committee member of The Fine Arts University of HCM City and also an interior designer, taught her print-making, decorative arts and designing.
Touched by the beauty of nature, especially flowers, she has explored its characteristics, its surrounding light and ambience, and stylized it her own way, with love and emotion. Besides oil paintings, she made graphic artworks using pure hand-printing techniques with mixed materials of inks, metallic colours, solution gels to create different textures, from opaque, translucent to transparent, layered to bring special effects to the artworks.
She has participated in juried art exhibitions by Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association in 1999, 2000 and exhibitions by District 5’s Art Club in 2002, 2005, 2006. She has also made a collection of preserved flower designs for a private company in 2008.
My Tran has now quitted her job as Human Resource Manager and worked full time in painting and designing. She does hope that her works and her love for nature will bring joy and positive feelings to everyone.

I was born in Dalat City, grew up with beautiful flowers surrounding me. My passion of painting developed when I was still a little girl. At that time, people were struggling for food every day, paper and color pencils are luxuries. As a little girl, after school time, I was required to do house work and pulling weeds in the farm. But I did find time to draw, in silence when possible. The pencils are my fingers, the paper is the air. I whirled in the air for painting in my imagination and enjoyed it very much. It looked awkward to outsiders, but I was not aware about it. My father prohibited me to whirl in the air, he scolded me, hit me and ordered every member in my family to stop me whenever they saw me “whirling”. But I still lived in that colourful happy world and thanks to that, I could survive the hardship of my childhood.
After high school, I could not follow my passion because “Girls must not learn Arts”. Only after I had already lived far from home, got a job and been able to earn my living, I could start learning Arts then. I am very grateful to my teachers, Professor Nguyen Hoang Hoanh and Professor John Le for leading me to the world of fine arts. I am inspired by Impressionism, the colours and the light in masters’ paintings have delighted me so much. I know I have a long way to go, but I hope someday my paintings will also delight someone.

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